Wednesday, May 30, 2018

EURUSD Technical Chart | 30-May-2018

Below is the technical chart of EURUSD currency pair on H4 time frame. For a change, this time, I've used Alligator technical indicator.

EURUSD Technical Chart

EURUSD Technical Chart | 30-May-2018

As you can see, the price closes below Alligator's Lips i.e. Green line and EURUSD started its downtrend again.

Now, let us see the same chart using Doda DonchianDoda-Bollinger BandsIchimoku and ADX Candles technical indicators.

EURUSD technical chart

Doda-Donchian gave last sell signal @1.16775 and after that It has moved about 143 pips and still counting. Do NOT take any long position whatever technical indicator you're using till EURUSD is trading below Ichimoku - Kumo - which is its great resistance.

It's immediate target and support is at 1.14950 as per Wolf Wave Theory.

Major Support Levels:




Major Resistance Levels:




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