Friday, October 13, 2017

EURUSD Technical Chart 13-Oct-2017

Below is the EURUSD Technical Chart currency pair of 13-Oct-2017 explained with technical indicators.

EURUSD Technical Chart

I’ve used Doda Donchian, Doda-Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku and ADX Candles in this chart. Time frame used is H4.

In the last article, I suggested to ignore trading EURUSD as at that time, it was trading inside kumo, which is a NO trade zone.

But things have changed now.

EURUSD Technical Chart
EURUSD Technical Chart

Now, EURUSD currency pair is trading ABOVE kumo cloud of Ichimoku indicator and also above Doda-Donchian and Doda-Bollinger Bands.

So, one can take long call in EURUSD currency pair.

So, buy [email protected] with a stop loss of 1.18366

Support Levels are:




Resistance Levels are:




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