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Dow Jones weekly Technical Chart | 17-July-2014

Below is the technical chart of DowJones indices of 17-July-2014. Here I'm using Doda-Donchain, Doda-Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku indicators.
The time frame taken is weekly chart to get large overview of trend.

It started its uptrend on somewhere around Aug 2012 and from there it is in uptrend as visible on chart. Many times, it gave regular correction candle, but it always manages to get support on either Doda-Donchian line or Doda-Bollinger band line. This shows how accurate and powerful are these indicators.
Even now, as long as it is trading about kumo and these 2 indicators, take only long positions.
But as soon as it close below doda-donchain and doda-bollinger band, book all your profits and sit on cash.
Take short position when it closes below kumo.
Will make new article on that day as it happens.

EURUSD Technical Chart Report | 10-July-2014

Below is the technical chart of EURUSD currency pair with our favorite indicators - Doda-Donchian, Doda-Bollinger Bands and Ichimoku.

Doda-Donchian and Doda-Bollinger bands have already given buy signal as price is trading above the indicators line. Last candle closes above kumo, giving bullish breakout. All these symptoms shows that EURUSD will start another bullish leg from here; but will not sustain by 3-4 trading sessions.

1.3749 is the biggest resistance for this currency pair. Above this, it will move up very fast and smoothly.

For this week, watch out the level of 1.3619. Above this level, take only long position. If it closes below this level, close your long positions and take short-sell position.









Gold Technical Chart | 08-July-2014

Gold is trading on very crucial level today. So, I've taken its technical chart to analyze more. Indicators taken are Japanese ichimoku, Doda-Donchian and Doda-Bollinger Bands.
Time Frame taken is H4.

Gold has been trading in a range bound manner from the last several trading sessions. Currently it's trading near $1319. But, since it is inside ichimoku kumo area, it will be called as "no trade zone".
One must wait for it to either close above kumo or below kumo to trade long position or short position respect.
$1325 is the level of Doda-Bollinger band. If it closes above this level, take the long position.
If it closes below #1319.38 and stay there for 2-3 candles on H4 time frame, take short position.
Major Resistance Levels:
Major Support Levels:

EURGBP Technical Chart | 04-July-2014

Below is the technical chart of EURGBP currency pair with Ichimoku, Doda-Bollinger Bands and Doda-Donchian indicators.
For bigger view, I've taken daily time frame here.

You may download all these indicators from the download section of this website.

As it is clear from the chart, our technical indicator Doda-Donchian gave SELL signal on this currency pair on 26-Mar-2014, which was later confirmed by Doda-Bollinger Bands on 07-Apr-2014 @0.8235. It started its downtrend journey from there and today it is trading around 0.7926

The chart is still weak. No sign of uptrend even from here. Price below ichimoku cloud and below all indicators mentioned above. So, do not take any long position here if you see some upward pips movement.

On the downside, 0.7917 is the small support; followed by 0.7753, which was its low in year 2012.

EURUSD Technical Chart | 01-July-2014

Today we're analyzing the technical chart of EURUSD currency pair with Doda-Donchian, Doda-Bollinger Band and Japanese Ichimoku indicator.
The time frame taken is H4.

As mentioned in last week article, EURUSD was in uptrend. The same uptrend continued this week.

Our technical indicator Doda-Donchian gave BUY signal on 26-June-2014 @1.3626. The same was confirmed by Doda-Bollinger Bands. Price was trading above Kump of Ichimoku and weekly pivot point. All the factors were forcing EURUSD to start fresh uptrend, which it is doing.

Now, what's next?

1.3621 is the weekly pivot point of EURUSD. That means, as long as it is trading above 1.3621, take only BUY calls. No short calls, whatever technical indicator says so.

On upside, resistance are at:

1.3699 and 1.3749

It may take some support near 1.3677 before starting another uptrend. Don't miss that opportunity and buy this currency pair for trading.

Make a stop loss of 1.3621. Closing below this level is clear cut finish of uptrend.