Stochastic is one of the famous indicator used by many investors and traders. Many softwares, including MetaTrader, provide this indicator in-built. But this indicator gives many buy and sell signals on shorter time frame.

Below is the variant of this indicator – Doda-Stochastic.


 doda-stochastic indicator for metatrader

It displays itself in the lower window of chart.  The indicator is easy to use and the rules are same as you use normal Stochastic indicator.It also gives you screen alert on buy & sell signals.

Some main points regarding this indicator.

  • I’m not the original developer of this indicator. I just made some changes in it. So, the credit and copyright, if any, goes to original coder.
  • Use this indicator on higher time frame like H1 or H4 but not less than that.
  • Use this indicator on demo account first and later on real account.
  • Use other indicators like Doda-Donchian & Doda-Bollinger also along with Doda-Stochastic indicator to get complete picture of trading call.

You may download Doda-Stochastic indicator from here.

Doda-Stochastic Indicator for MetaTrader
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