Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Scalping, Day Trading or Swing Trading, which style to choose?

Forex traders who earn money on this market are traders who first found the trading style that suits them the most. The success of a trader depends on certain factors, such as psychological factors as well as technical factors, the style of trading is also an important component of success in the Forex market, it is essential to define his style of trading before even thinking about developing a trading strategy. We distinguish three major trading styles among forex traders that we will review below.

The Scalping

A trader who practices scalping will maintain his open positions in the forex market a few seconds to just minutes. Scalpers are traders who intervene on the Forex market in order to generate profits in the very short term, the traders are thinkers who think while calculating their risks quickly, it is a style of trading asking a lot of concentration. Scalping traders do not care about long-term graphical representation and simply want to make quick profits, these traders accumulate positions and accumulate small profits at the end of their trading session. form a significant cash gain. We invite you to read our article"Is forex scalping a good trading strategy? " For more information on this trading style.

Swing Trading

Day Trading

This second style of trading also called "intraday trading" is a style in which traders take positions in the Forex market on a single day and do not keep any of them exposed overnight. Trading in the Forex market by daytraders typically lasts from several minutes to a few hours, traders who are followers of this style of trading rely primarily on technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis, two of the five best practices for trading. make money on the Forex market, in order to make their investment decisions. Traders who practice day trading aim for most of the time to achieve daily goals.

Swing Trading

The swing trading is a trading style for traders with the soul of long-term investors. The positions of traders remain open on the market for several days or even weeks. Traders who have adhered to this style of trading rely on technical analysis and a little less on fundamental analysis. When we are a swing trader, patience is important in our trading because we can wait for long periods of time for a trading opportunity to arise and then it comes to an end. This style of long-term trading generally requires significant capital in order to cope with the large price swings that may occur on the market during the long weeks in which positions can be kept open,

Which trading style is best for you? Do you practice scalping at forex brokers and regulated binary options brokers offering binary options with 60-second clearances or are you a day trader or swing trader aiming for long-term profitability?

Evacuate stress during Forex trading sessions

Forex is a high-potential financial market that offers high returns on investment, it offers the possibility for traders to invest capital on the foreign exchange market and profit from it but it is an activity that requires a lot of vigor. The vagaries of the market may cause some novice traders to doubt, traders may feel frightened and make bad decisions, which can damage the health of their portfolio and lead to significant financial losses, it is important to get rid of stress during trading sessions on the Forex market.

Permanent investment opportunities

You have to know that the Forex market is composed of a multitude of currencies specific to the countries of the whole world of which it is possible to speculate on their prices, there exists on the market of the Forex major currencies (euro, dollar, pound sterling, ...) and minor currencies or exotic (Mexican peso, Chinese yuan, ...), in addition to the diversity of trading instruments on which it is possible to speculate, note that this market is open twenty-four hours a day and five days a week, this which makes it one of the largest and most liquid, ie the Forex market is full of investment opportunities and it is useless to stress for fear of missing one, the opportunities are permanent and it always has opportunities that will allow you to open a trade and close it in profit.

Accept trading losses

Fluctuations in the Forex market can lead to a lot of money, but when the market is against you these fluctuations can lead to financial losses. Losing trades are also part of the game, it is important to accept them, a trader who does not accept his losses and whose goal is to perform only winning trades will lose his temper and this may push him to take action. irrational investment decisions. Losses are one of the consequences of the market and not accepting them is having an ignorant approach to the market and an inability to practice Forex trading.

Get rid of the emotions of trading

Currency trading can be a stressful activity, some planning of your trading session is necessary, it is advisable to impose win goals and a maximum loss limit, it is important not to exceed these goals once achieved during the trading session or risk becoming extremely euphoric and want to gain even more at the risk of losing profits or on the contrary to feel some hatred in the event of loss, falling into overtrading and lose even more money.

Evacuate stress

Finally, remember that the use of trading tools such as our expert advisor moving averages or our expert advisor parabolic SAR , can allow traders to be assisted in their trading and confirm their decision making, which can trading less stressful, the use of demo accounts in forex brokers and regulated binary options brokers is also advisable before actually embarking on the Forex market, this can also allow less stress when investing in money real and test his trading strategies beforehand with virtual money.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

4 keys to make money in Forex trading

Here are some tips to follow for someone who starts in forex trading and wants to get off to a good start in this online business and build a source of additional income.

1. Know where to start

Opening a trading account and registering with a broker without having studied absolutely anything about trading is a serious mistake that can cost a lot of money and is unfortunately committed by many uninformed users. You absolutely need to know where to start, what to do and how, before thinking about investing in Forex. Participating in the trading forum can also be a good way to learn and progress through discussions and exchanges with other novice and experienced traders.

2. Train well enough

Once the trading courses are studied (and even during the apprenticeship), you will have to apply the knowledge acquired during the courses and videos, in the currency market. You will be able to build a trading strategy including technical indicators and concepts learned in progress and maximize your chances of success in trading. By doing so, you will know what to do, when to buy, when to sell, when to leave the market but also when to do nothing! The idea is to train on a demo trading account (in virtual money), however, some traders will prefer to engage in real with a small capital to practice, especially in order to feel the emotions associated with real trading and immerse themselves more in the world of speculation on the financial markets.

3. Help what is already working

It may be interesting to look at the trading strategies that already work for some traders and allow them to profit from the Forex market. Considering strategies like the Ichimoku strategy, the trading range strategy or the moving average strategy can help to understand some market mechanisms and how some people make money. A solution that is all the more interesting is to copy the investments of traders and therefore to practice social trading, allowing here to see how some professional traders proceed to speculate on the markets.

4. Invest with a regulated broker

This friend tip can be considered as a 4th key to making money in Forex trading. Getting money in the markets is great, but having access to its earnings and being able to withdraw them is all the better! To avoid the risk of investment scams and be certain to be able to withdraw its profits, it is therefore essential to favor a regulated forex broker.

Monday, July 2, 2018

How to create a profitable trading strategy?

There are many trading strategies but the ideal is to build a strategy that suits us. We explain to you how to achieve this in the few paragraphs below.

Study the basics of Forex

In order to know what to do and where to go, how to interpret the market and to be able to detect and surf the trends, it is essential to understand the functioning of Forex mechanisms and this involves the study of trading courses. Through trading courses and videos made available on Forexagon, it is possible to acquire solid knowledge in trading and even being a total beginner. Studying is one of the keys to making money in forex and to succeed, skipping this step will simply lead to failure. Trading courses focus on key concepts that are taught in traders training, logical and rational concepts that have proven themselves and that effectively deal with the financial markets by maximizing the chances of success. So now you know where to start trading!

Exploit tools (technical indicators)

The technical indicators are tools for decision-making among traders, they are calculated in different ways generally in relation to the evolution of the market price and provide indications. A technical indicator can show many things, such as a market on sold or bought, a rising or falling volatility or an increase or decrease in volumes. Pairing the indicators allows traders to develop trading strategies. However be careful not to get lost in the thousands of technical indicators that exist. There is no technical indicator to become rich and it is better to be content with technical indicators known for decades that technical indicators developed by programmers and sold on the internet. RSI, the stochastic or the Bollinger bands, is recommended and will provide you with a very good foundation.

profitable trading strategy

Establish a trading plan

A trading plan is like a roadmap for the trader. The trading plan determines when a trader must take action by making a purchase or a sale on the market when he has to leave the market but also when he must abstain and not take a stand. The trading plan also determines the security parameters of the trade, namely the take-profit (gain goal) and the stop-loss (maximum loss in case of bad trade). Each successful trader has a trading plan that he strictly adheres to, which allows him a regularity in his earnings. Without a trading plan, a trader will have a good chance to burn out his trading account and lose all his money quickly, an attitude that should be avoided!

Respect a money management

Always learn to respect money management irrespective of the amount you are investing - whether it's $20 or $2 million dollars. It's your hard earned money.

A trading strategy is based on several serious criteria that it is important to study deeply and one by one. Once the basics of the trading strategy are established, it will be important to respect it to maximize its chances of success in the market. Trading is, therefore, a serious activity that leaves no room for chance.

The following strategies might help you get started:

Regardless of the trading strategy implemented in the markets, always be sure to choose an authorized forex broker to invest in the markets. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

3 things to do by becoming financially free with trading

financially free with trading
When you reach financial freedom through online trading, there are some things you can afford to do with benefits compared to other people who, for example, depend on a full-time job in business.

Spend more time with the people you love

Since you are financially free and do not have a boss, you are free to work whenever you want. This is an opportunity to do things that are important, spend time with the people you love and who love you, your family. The majority of individuals are employed full-time and are quite busy on the week with their professional schedule, however being independent through trading will allow you to adapt more easily to the availability of your loved ones but also to fully enjoy with them on weekends. since the markets are closed.

Create complementary and passive sources of income

Earning enough money in the financial markets to reach financial independence can also allow you to maximize this independence, especially by creating additional sources of income. By earning enough money in the markets, why not invest in other projects with or without markets? Financing a business project up to a few thousand euros and collect interest such a shareholder could be possible for you, become a Business Angel and invest in startups could also be interesting since this kind of investment is passive and can yield big in case of project success.

Spend less money than you earn

It is serious to this ability that you will be able to achieve more the two previous points, enjoy life and strengthen your independence. Earning more money than you spend on living on a regular basis will give you financial freedom but also geographical, you will be able to work in the markets at your own pace and from anywhere in the world for example.

Trading is an ideal that many newcomers in the financial markets aspire to, and we understand why, in view of the benefits that this provides. Trading and living with passion is possible and independent traders do it. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Social Trading: Different Types and Styles

Forex social trading or binary options is a practice of copying the trade of other traders that the user finds through the online social trading community.

Such a trading community can be used as its own personal support system and as a place where ideas and strategies can be discussed. Social Forex trading involves a huge number of different ways of communicating with other traders, including forums, profiles, blogs, trading signals, brokers and certain platforms that provide the opportunity to copy transactions. These forms of social communication help traders of all levels to interact with each other and improve their trading strategies.

Social Forex trading provides a unique advantage for beginners or overly nervous traders - it allows them to follow others and adhere to the strategy of more experienced traders during the trading process. Social trading also offers clear advantages to more experienced traders, as it allows them to become trading leaders and to generate additional profits, attracting more and more subscribers. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, the use of various social proposals is a great way to increase profitability and make trading more interesting.

Here are a few popular types of social trading platforms:

Signals or tips

If you are taking the first steps in social trading, pay attention to signals and tips that will help you make the right decisions. They can be represented by simple sources, such as the trader's psychological indicator or the investor sentiment indicator on the broker's website, or they can be generated by modern computer systems. When using this kind of social trading, you will not encounter any kind of interaction and you may even not fully understand the whole meaning of the signals, since you will not have the opportunity to ask the trade leader. Signals and advice will give you a clear position in the market, and you will decide whether to follow it or not.

Social Trading


The essence of copy-trading is to copy the trade of other traders. There are trading platforms that allow a trader to copy the transactions of another trader and repeat his success. To do this, the trader selects a trader from the leaderboard, after which each of his transactions will be copied to your terminal. Your account is strictly controlled, so you do not follow someone blindly, but overall responsibility still falls on your shoulders. Copying trading is an excellent way to trade without stress when making your own choice, because all you have to do is select the most impressing trader and copy his trades.

Forums and profiles

Forums and profiles are very important for every trader who plans to become a serious social trader, moreover they add an aspect of the entertainment of your trade. Forums allow you to communicate with other traders, while profiles help you to find out all their "inside". The best platforms will provide in the profiles full biographical information, detailed data on the trading style, as well as open and closed transactions.

Most brokers offer forums for account holders and often, you can enter topics for discussion of more public forums. A good forum will have hundreds if not thousands of active users and you can join discussions on your choice, devoted to strategies, tools, tips and forecasts and much more.


From a technical point of view, automated trading is not 100% social trading, since this type of trade excludes the social aspect of trade. Autobots are robots that open a deal when you call a particular strategy or pattern. While social trade requires that real traders carry out trade, auto trade does not require human control at all. The system generates a signal and then automatically executes it on your account. There is a mass of classical automatic systems, but there are also new upgraded versions that can interact with your computer and the account constantly and without failures. The advantage of Autobots is that you do not have to worry about the so-called human factor. The disadvantage, of course,

When choosing a social trading platform, always choose a method that allows you to strictly manage your account. Set the amount of profit and loss. Managing your funds is perhaps the most important aspect of trading for both beginners and experienced traders.

What is Social Trading?

You probably know technical analysis and fundamental analysis as the two learning schools of Forex trading. We also talk about quantitative analysis, which is based more on numbers than on graphs. However, recently, we are starting to see a new way of trading: social trading.

Remember, in the early days of Forex trading, when everything was happening in stock markets (like the good old Palais Brongniart in Paris), and that the only way to have information were phone calls and news to the TV. Subsequently, phones were replaced by instant messaging, and TV by Internet information flows. With the advent of Web 2.0, information sharing has never been faster and more efficient, and this is where social trading is going to play out.

Social Trading

Trading 2.0

As the logic of Web 2.0 requires, traders/investors have moved from the opaque secrecy of their operations to totally transparent sharing. What is the point of revealing his secrets, will you tell me? Transparency! Investors' confidence can never be better than being transparent about what we do. And also emerges the community trading, which wants that by helping one another and by trading with others, one is always better.

So 2.0 traders share their business and discuss with other traders why or how they traded that way, and how they could maximize their profits. Beginners, meanwhile, can simply follow the list of real-time positions of more experienced traders, in order to take to learn by example.

eToro was the first broker to set up a social trading system, with the launch of the OpenBook in 2010. All traders of the platform can, therefore, share their trading activity in real time (open and closed positions, gains in percentages, earnings ratio ... without giving the amount of money invested and earned, these data are kept private, of course!). Other traders can then follow this flow of activity in real time, understand the reasoning of the guru and decide whether or not to follow his trading direction.

It is possible to follow a trader in a completely automated way on a social trading platform (all decisions will be automatically followed, but you set the amounts allocated), and you then become a spectator of the trader's performance on his capital, and then done, of your capital. But it is also possible to follow it manually by selecting its decision making according to your own judgment, and again, to allocate the sums you decide.

And what does it work

It may still be a bit early to say that social trading works better or worse than "traditional" trading. Professional traders with years of experience are of course not close to changing their habits. But for beginners, this is an interesting opportunity to learn to trade Forex by example. The novice trader can simply follow in real time the activity of an experienced trader, and even interact, chat and ask him questions.

eToro announces nice numbers, of course, with an average of 3% to 4% earnings per month on all traders who have adopted this strategy at home since the launch of their automated social trading (which is still not bad) , compared to a placement in the bank that would earn you 3% to 4% per year ). I think that social trading is worth it, especially because it opens the way for a new type of trading for a new type of investor: normal people like you and me.

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